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Oh Dear...

I've finally joined NaNoWriMo.... Sweet Jesus help me.
I can't even write a good three page short story, let alone a 50,000 word novel. D:<

At least it's not until November, so I can be nervous and fidgety until then. Guuuhhhh.
I just need to put down some of my ideas here. So. Here we go!

Werewolves, Mafia, and Sky PiratesCollapse )

Writer's Block: A Little Light

Now that the election is over, we can get to the important stuff. Why is there a light in the refrigerator but not in the freezer?
Ummmmm, we have a light in our freezer... D:
Other people don't? I've never really noticed

Writer's Block: Cryptozoology

Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, el chupacabra—what is your favorite creature that may or may not exist?
Like, true elves, not the pretty froo-froo elves from LOTR.
More like the one' s in Hellboy II, Prince Nuada and all that stuff.

Seriously, that's what elves are SUPPOSED to be like!
Anyway, that said, I hope Guillermo del Toro does a good job with The Hobbit and makes the Mirkwood elves as scary as they're supposed to be. :]

Hmmmm. Boredom.

Blah, October has pretty much taken every single ounce of energy out of my soul.
I really just wanna go take a nice long nap... But my relatives are coming this week, and I have to clean the WHOLE FUCKING HOUSE. D:<
I'm screwed.

Here's a survey snatched from lizbeast. :D

- Six Years Ago -
1] How old were you? 10
2] Where did you go to school? Surry Elementary School
3] Where did you work? I... uuuhhhh... mowed the lawn?
4] Where did you live? At a kickass house in the middle of nowhere! :D
5] Where did you hang out? Ahahahaha... I was in elementary school, I didn't do much.
6] Did you wear glasses? No
7] Who was your friend[s]? Megan, Shayna, Erik, Cody, Tyler, Courtney... yeah. I hardly had any friends.
8] How many tattoos did you have? Zero
9] How many piercings did you have? Ears
10] What car did you drive? Didn't drive
11] Had you been to a real party? Not really
12] Had you had your heart broken? I was 10... my god, kids these days
13]Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Siinnngggllleee

- Three Years Ago -
1] How old were you? 13
2] Where did you go to school? Monadnock Regional Middle School
3] Where did you work? No Job. XD
4] Where did you live? Same, not so kickass house in the middle of nowhere
5] Where did you hang out? I still didn't do much. D:
6] Did you wear glasses? No
7] Who were your friend[s]? Crystal, Amber, Paige, Megan, Devin, Bonnie
8] How many tattoos did you have? Zero
9] How many piercings did you have? My ears.
10] What car did you drive? NO CAR. D:
11] Had you been to a real party? Not really
12] Had your heart broken? Um yeah, actually... barely, though. XD
13] Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Single

- Today -
1] How old are you? 16
2] Where do you go to school? Keene High School
3] Where do you work? Hoping to get a job at Turn It Up maybeee.... D:
4] Where do you live? Still the house in the middle of nowhere
5] Where do you hang out? Fritz's in Keene, Turn It Up, Toy City, Keene Cinemas, Wal-Mart
7] Who are your friend[s]? Crystal, Kara, Devin, Maddie, Kam, Lizz, Nick, Ben, Maicho, Yerigsson, Phil, Megan, Shayna, Melanie, Taylor, Carlie, Rolland, Luke, Bonnie
8] How many tattoos do you have? ZERO
9] How many piercings do you have? just ears, they're guaged, though
10] What car do you drive? no car, no liscence, i fail.
11] Had you been to a real party? Yep
12] Had your heart broken? Mmmhmmm, yes indeedy
13. Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Takeennnn... :D

- What Were You Doing.. -
1 MINUTE AGO: Making Hot Cocoa
1 HOUR AGO: Cleaning
1 DAY AGO: Cleaning
1 YEAR AGO: Uuuhhhh, school?
First piercing: Ears
First credit card: Visa Travel Money Card! :D (Not really a credit card, but whatever)
Last big car ride: Burlington, Vermont, maybe?
Last movie seen in theaters: Igor
Last food consumed: Waffles.
Last person you texted/called: Ummmm, maybe Maicho? or Kaycee?
Last CD played: Another Side - John Barrowman
Last drink drank: Hot Cocoa

- Short Answer -
I AM: PMS-ing
I LIKE: Tacos
I WISH: Dylan lived closer
I CRY: All the time (Seriously, even for the littlest things)

- Favourites -
COLOR: Chartreuse
DAY[S]: Friday and Saturday
MONTH[S]: October
SEASON: Spring and Autumn... Although Summer in the UK is nice. :]
DRINK: Jones Green Apple Soda... and if we're talking alcoholic, Guinness

- In The Last Two Days, Have You.. -
SAID 'I love you'? Mmmmhmmm
HAD A SERIOUS TALK? Yes. Me no likey being serious. D:

- Best -
1] Male Friend: That isn't my boyfriend? Ummmm, Yerigsson. :]
2] Female Friend: Crystal
3] Best Age: Any age before 8, for me. :]
4] Best Memory: Ummm... Any memories of Nebraska are good for me.

- Worst -
1] Time Of Day: Around 10 in the morning. I'm right in the middle of Geometry on a school day, and that is the worst class known to man.
2] Day Of The Week: Any day I have Gym.
3] Food: uncooked tomatoes.
4] Memory: The night I was at my cousin's house and my grandparents and my cousin picked me up and told me about my mom. D:

- Last -
1] Person you saw: Karyn
2] Talk on the phone: Kasey
3] Instant Msg: Chris

- First -
1] Serious b/f or g/f: I wouldn't call Dylan and I serioussss, nyeehhh, I'm independent. :]
2] Job: Ummm, mowing the neighbor's lawn and taking care of a different neighbor's cats

- Today -
1] What are you doing now: Ummm, this survey
2] Tonight: Watching TV and maybe a snippet of roleplayinggg... D:
3] Wearing: iSupport shirt with my Bleach thermal under it, and jeans
4] What did you eat for lunch: Waffles and Sausage. I got up at 11. XD

- Tomorrow -
1] Is: Monday
2] Got any plans: SCHOOL. D:<
3] Goal: Survive
4] Dislikes about tomorrow: SCHOOL
5] Likes about tomorrow: CONTEMPORARY DESIGN FTW! (even though I was so close to failing that class, I think I'm good now. D:)

You have no idea how many breaks I took doing that because Karyn wanted me to do something or other around the house. XD
If you were stranded on an island with a fictional character, who would it be and why?

Mmmmmm, not much of a toughie there.


Anyway, now that that's over with.


Because his (John Barrowman) character is really a hero to me, seriously. He shows people like me that we can be proud of who we are, not "who we're supposed to be".

Despite the fact that Jack is a bit of a jerk in the show sometimes, He's had a twisted past... Sort of like myself, except more twisted. D:

Anyway, I leave you with another small Jack Harkness present.

Much love- Lizz-ehh


Yes, I made that word up. :]

Apparently when I try to make a journal cut my computer spazzes out on me, so that's why the last few posts were weird.

And now I'm on the laptop and I can't even figure out how to do a cut. Well then. Yeah.




Anyway... Ummmmm, yeah. :]

Writer's Block: Phobias

Do you have a remarkable phobia? Does your phobia have a large impact on your life?


About that last entry. I think my computer is going on strike. Whatever.


Writer's Block: Your Username

Why did you choose your user name? Is there any special meaning or story behind it?